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Days Should Be Nights 
Tabea @ IMG (NY)

Some days should rather be nights. Don't know how to explain it and have no real clue how to make this happen. Shall we just not get up on these warm mornings and only work from 8pm ? Suitable option, unfortunately didn't made this decision when the alarm clock rang today. This current heatwave won't kill our inspiration too, makes us slower of course but doesn't attack the core -- eyes and brains, only the overall speed decreased since last week. Strange atmopshere but great photography will always be great photography and will always give us the kick we need when we need. Today: Tabea Koebach by Karl Rothenberger, yummy refreshing schedule. 

 Distant yet always sweet, bittersweet from time to time, timeless or retro-loving and retro-lovely, Tabea has built a very peculiar character that never really belonged to any of the latest trends. After working with most of our favorite photographers from Chadwick Tyler to Eric Guillemain to Jonathan Leder, it was about time we had an opportunity to see Karl's version and vision of Tabea. And first thought to cross our minds was "wow, he didn't get lost in translation!" and captured what we've always considered as the essence of Tabea's photographic character.

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  • thank you for your mail !
    The pictures of Tabea are amazing !

    Posté par Olga, 11-06-10 à 05:23 PM
  • I love that softer side of hers

    Posté par anna, 17-06-10 à 03:50 PM

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