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Good Mood & Big Leap 
Felisa Wiley @ Ginny Edwards Development (USA)

We first featured Felisa on FDIB in April of this year when the only materials she had were a few natural shots. Enough to spot some huge potential in this young lady but it also left us eagerly waiting for more. And when her latest pictures arrived at the end of last week, we couldn't not put her name on top of our to-do-list. Shot by Ginny herself (see more on Ginny Edwards Development's blog) with a gorgeous landscape as background and a relevant summery mood to let us discover by ourselves what Felisa can do with her endless legs and how expressive she can be, going effortlessly from the most serious gaze to joyful smiles, jumping around. Quite a delightful contrast with her first pictures, quite a delightful surprise to see her potential literally explode in front of the camera, even if we couldn't not expect (or at least, imagine) her to do so.

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  • Mon Dieu, ce que les mannequins métisses sont magnifiques, et exotiques, et trop rares!!!

    Posté par Olga, 16-06-10 à 09:11 PM

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