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Cassi Lee @ Elite (NY)

Stuck in America! And not for no good reason, and nothing was planned. We rely a lot on agencies' latest materials and photographers' inspirations then on our own eyes and taste, and our posts are just the results of all these parameters put together. Next one on our list this week comes from Chicago and appears to be another of Pulse Management's fabulous finds freshly arrived at Elite in New York. Cassi Lee or the epitome of the editorial girl among the new wave of classy/classical beauties invading the Big Apple. You may have noticed her already for that precious shot by Chadwick Tyler on Elite's blog but today it's up to Aaron Richter to give us his own version of Cassi Lee. 

We started following Aaron Richter's work a few times ago, when our eyes got caught by his blog (RichterFit) or rather say inspiration diary as it's probably the most fascinating part of it: what inspires Aaron right now. The same mood also attracted us to his website, even before browsing his portfolio. "Aaron Richter is a photographer" the first line says and we just fell in love with the poetry we saw in this apparent simplicity. Some feelings you'll probably find back when having a closer look at his recent work, all listed under lovely titles like Dirty Ice Cream or Whoa, Annie or Been Caught Stealing which, after literally diving into these stories, perfectly fit for their themes and atmospheres. His work with Cassi Lee belongs to our favorite pieces so far, most likely as they gave us the feeling he captured the "most precious part of her modeling skills". Something Aaron explained by her confidence at work or her naturally poised expressions popping up after a few minutes.

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