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Lady of Ice
Chloe @ FM (London)

After a detailed intro literally done a few hours after she arrived in town, a short update. Short yet intense, short as we can't say more than we already did and pictures are stronger than any of our best words, intense because you can't talk about anything else than intensity when you feature Chloe (first Nisch-girl to spread her wings) by Jessie Craig. Call them both dark romantics or don't call them anything at all and just enjoy the visual thrill, feel the heat when her eyes blows cold from her distant gaze. If every piece of her portfolio was an obvious proof of her potential, no one before Jessie has been able to capture her beauty the way she did on the first picture. Lady of ice if we may say but without painted smile, this time, leaving us speechless as if our tongue turned into stone. Not our fingers, who effortlessly ran on the keyboard to write the right words and while keeping them running wild, we invite you to have a look at some other recent portraits by Jessie (Azila's as to fall for) on her Dear Diary.

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  • I like it.

    Posté par M. Haleem, 28-06-10 à 02:38 PM

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