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Viivi Kapanen @ Brand (Finland)

Deep analysis or short into ? Long and detailed portrait or quick overview ? For the first question the answer would be short intro then to the second we'd neither details nor overview. Just two polas to get the point and it took us time to get that idea. Her book is strong and sophisticated and we could have picked, very easily, a palette of pictures to give an idea of what Viivi's talents are like. But we went for another option, something more "visual" if this happens to make sense.

So, a warm shade of blond, freckles and much expressive eyes. That might be the big deal this afternoon. Something you can get at first sight, something you don't have to explain in detail (even if it's hard not to do it a little bit at least) to make relevant. Pictures that speaks for themselves and by themselves as polaroids should always be. Well, digitals if you're looking for precision. Now signed with FM in London and Women in Milan, Viivi was on our radar since we first heard of her but once again, Brand Model Management took the necessary time to "build" the model in her. Precious work. For any of you (or many of you ?) who would be frustrated to see two polas only and are hungry for more and eager to see it, here is a link to her book, tailor-made by Brand with handpicked pieces of her recent work.

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  • yay viivi! love her and miss her. she is amazing.

    Posté par Kristiina, 29-06-10 à 05:16 PM

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