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Ringside Seat
Valerija Kelava @ Next and Iselin Steiro @ Women

Some models are literally propelled in the spotlights as soon as they arrive on stage. Either they are push by some unknown physical forces or they do really attract the light to never let it go. Some other models make their way in the shadows, either totally unaware of the lights next door or they couldn't care less and cherish their comfy darkness. Till the day has come to get out of dark, all of a sudden or step by step, depending on the model herself and what's surrounding her at that moment. But thing is that they were only a few to see her coming.

In Valerija's story, we had a kind of ringside seat to watch her career going. And growing. From first polas to first stories in high end magazines to first campaigns, which seemed to come very suddenly yet are the logical results of a consistent career pattern, cultivating the image to imagine the cult. A day had to come that she couldn't lose after creating such charismatic character (through very stylish polaroids literally introducing an upcoming story in Numéro) then letting it develop and blossom to its finest (Vogue Italia). Campaign times started with Prada a few days ago (you'd say an achievement we wouldn't deny) and took another turn when some Versace visuals (by Mario Testino) popped up today, with that very precious and peculiar signature style of hers bringing so much to the current collection.

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  • Really good text.

    fashion abuse

    Posté par fashion abuse, 06-07-10 à 11:01 AM
  • I think they are good together for this Versace's campaign, especially if you know how much Versace can be "cheap" sometimes : this time it's elegant
    Great text !

    Posté par Olga, 21-07-10 à 10:19 PM

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