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Hundred Percent 
Freja Beha Erichsen @ IMG (Paris)

Not going to give detailed explanations on why there haven't been more updates these last seven days so let's just say Summer and being busy doesn't help releasing creativity when it comes to writing long articles. Also agencies are either already on holidays or looking forward to close their doors for a small vacation (the remaining ones are working hard and we're always here to work hand in hand with any of them). So, it's not going to be a brand new face arriving out of nowhere who will make our morning feature today but rather one of the strongest editorial moment we've been given to experience these last few months. Freja ? Nothing new under the sun, she's been piling up high-profile fashion stories since the beginning of this year and looks pretty unstoppable right now. Vogue Paris ? Nothing new under that other sun either and the editorial is almost typical of the magazine. What makes it so special then is the right combination of feelings it raised when we saw it for the first time. Not in stores, though, but definitely looking forward to bringing a copy home when we happen to spot it at the train station magazine shop.

Both its styling and overall concept are nothing new, pretty much the good old designer-by-designer review, page after page, one name per shot. Again this makes the whole thing even more interesting, knowing it's been done several times before, explored till its darkest corners and most unexpected sides but it's been a bloody long while we haven't seen this style exercise so brilliantly done and it's extremely rare we're getting in such an exastic mood for some pages from a summer issue of any magazine. Masterpiece. Period. Cover already caught our attention and first thoughts might have been "this would look awesome somewhere on the shelf" but contents, Freja's pages to be more precise, are what would convince us not to put that one on any shelf at all. Rather keep it near our hands (and eyes) to make sure we can have another look at it when we need to. Yes, need. Need for inspiration and hunger for visuals. Take the Rick Owens page, besides the simple fact of loving his work whatever happens, that shot might be the perfect example you can produce a picture with that good old boring white background that appeals to the eye and creates, raises, enhances emotions. All in the capture, all in the expression/movement, all in the fearless approach of blank and bland things. Or take the Roberto Cavalli shot. Nudity. Been done in Vogue Paris, been done by Freja, been everywhere this year and before. But while some magazines are releasing another of their sex or body issues they've been feeding us with for ages, that one proves nudity in or as fashion still has a word to say to whoever cares to listen. And, last but not least, that Jil Sander picture. Again nothing, absolutely nothing, is groundbreaking or shocking or revolutionary there but that just had to be done. That one had to be there and had to remember us what fearless (or "free wheel") means. In the recent rush for breaking the rules or boundaries, many actually miss the start and often forget that the actual backbone of fashion (and fashion photography) is its ability to let one's face and body express and feelings explode. Making statements for the sake of making statements often leads to various breeds of lame imagery intended to spread messages to fill the unavoidable blanks left by the lack of imagination. It's quite refreshing to see fashion forgetting about its tedious theories to open doors again to raw and simple expression (just makes it more sophisticated in the end). We guess we have to be pretty thankful to Vogue Paris for that breeze of fresh air that enabled us to feel goosebumps by +35°C. From the bottom of our stupid hearts (and lungs).

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  • Magic !

    I'm totally in love with this editorial !!!
    Freja can "play" with the camera, i mean, she's gorgeous ! <3

    Posté par Olga, 21-07-10 à 10:12 PM

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