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Get and Do Not Forget 
Isabelle Sauer @ Modelwerk (Hamburg)

Hello! Do not think we've been sleeping again even if FDIB looked a bit asleep for the last ten days. But that was July, we're in August already. Changing minds, changing moods, taking time to make this right. And looking forward to feeling new thrills come September. Basic story yet we didn't experience it in a basic way, well that's for later and let's just focus on our first girl of August: Ms. Isabelle Sauer from Modelwerk, Germany. That's already a long story even if it's only about first steps and development, that's the way it goes for us, though, and for anyone who takes his model's career seriously. First time we met Isabelle was back in April 2009, casting-afternoon in Hamburg then saw her again during Berlin Fashion Week in July of the same year. We might have seen her in the rush this time as well, but that's another story, not the short one we're writing today. Isabelle is currently in New York, represented by Women Direct and we just can consider this new turn in her young career as a natural move, in tune with her beauty type and most likely with the current Zeitgeist even if you never know where the next wind will come from. Let's just blow cold and warm at the same time, then, and enjoy that gentle summer breeze we feel looking at these digitals. Something light-hearted, maybe some unexpected depth to come. Everything shape up soon enough for us to know and that's again not really the point right now. Let's simply celebrate the hard and smart work done so far in this story, quite brilliant and... effortless looking: if what you see is definitely what you get, what you don't is what makes you never forget.

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    my goodness she so skinny her too

    Posté par iamronel, 03-08-10 à 04:59 PM

    love this blog now..its more on quality content..and that gosh she stunnin definitely and i hope you'll visit me as well..thanks

    Posté par, 03-08-10 à 05:00 PM

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