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Please Talk To Me 
Anna De Rijk @ Viva (Paris)

Not really in the mood for overloaded backgrounds these days (rather plain white or concrete walls) but the superannuated vibe we got from these shots plus that kind of modern touch in small clothing details were a pleasure to look at. Though, it's not the vibe or the atmosphere that really caught our attention in this new story from Numéro (issue number 115, styled by Samuel François - pictures scanned by elsaskywalker @ Rather Anna's body language which hasn't stopped getting more precise with time, using some delightful contrast between her bored expressions and sophisticated poses to enhance it to its maximum. Boredom could have been the story's theme (and a good title instead of Parc Monceau if you ask us), boredom like the kingdom we enter on sunday afternoons and which everyone could or should turn into special sessions of self-exploration. Expressing in a dark corner for your eyes (or camera) only. The intimate atmosphere might come from there rather than furniture and it could have been shot in some post-modern random bathroom, we would have felt the same way. Talk to me or to my camera (cause my head is sick) and transcend the bored state of mind by some mysterious attitude that, despite a certain lack of sense, appeals to the eye in quite a magnetic way. Yelena Yemchuk totally captured that "piece of void" and Ms De Rijk filled it with indescribable emotions that might belong only to her or to the viewer's distorted perception and imagination.

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