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Sign(s) Of The Times
Patricia Van Der Vliet and Ylonka Verheul @ New York Models (NY)

We told you a few times ago about our feeling about some new aesthetic going on at New York Models (and/or Nathalie Paris). "Conceptual beauties that are easy to understand" or whatever we've called that new wave back then but one thing remains totally sure right now: this feeling of ours has only grown since the beginning of the year. No matter if you tell us about Patricia, Ylonka or Melissa, about Sigrid or some newcomer in development, the same vibe remains constant, consistent and relevant. No matter if you focus on features, on modeling skills or the way New York Models promote these girls, you'll get the very same idea of what high class could be. Classy rather classic, peculiar with potential to become popular: from every angle you can 'taste the difference'. We're no fortunetellers but we couldn't imagine this tidal wave of NYMM-girls getting A-class campaigns and editorials would stop growing. Sigrid's latest Celine campaign is what we'd call the obvious example while the new Nicole Farhi Fall 2011 visuals above are like the icing on the cake if you remember the articles we wrote last Spring. Patricia and Ylonka together on the same ad (in a similar way as how their looks are on the same page), shot by Daniel Jackson who, despite the über-classicism of the campaign, gave us the clearest proof of this combo's power. Together forever and forever rising? Watch the latest evolution of the boys and girls on New York Models blog: plain white background and striking facts over pages, another sign of the times.

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  • Patricia Van Der Vliet and Ylonka Verheul

    my favorite models. class! sophistication! attitude!

    Posté par ryder, 18-08-10 à 01:09 PM
  • LOVE

    NYMM have really turned the page in the last year, they have showed their power as a top agency and delivered girl after girl. Congrats they deserve their moment in the spot light.

    Keep up the good work.

    Posté par model watcher, 21-08-10 à 02:02 PM

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