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Devil-May-Care  Isabeli Fontana @ Women (NY), Silent (Paris)

We found the title on one this story's pages and found quite appropriate to pair it with our entry. Just looked-up again to the expression's possible meanings or the similar words you can find and one of those was freewheeling. Quite a brilliant parallel with what we may experience sometimes, often in some delightful way. And those kind of experimental pathes can lead us right back to the core, to the roots of the project that is FDIB. Going back to the core is quite vital, or our pleasure of today will turn into tomorrow's daily chore. Going back to the roots is necessary to understand how we can approach the future in a suitable way. The idea started yesterday when checking some of the first available previews from Vogue US, September 2010 issue. Came across two pages from that spread by David Sims and Camilla Nickerson and must say it was rather intriguing. Raising questions that had to wait till today's lunch break to find something looking like answers. We need that sort of visual statements to understand why we are here and where we are heading to. In clearer words: we need some Isabeli Fontana on white background with brilliant styling and photography to know what we'll be looking for tomorrow. We need some head-to-toe perfection (relying on all the tiny imperfections) and to be silently wowed now to be able to find and feel the future thrills. Going off-topic to get more on-topic next time. "Fragility finds its backbone with [...] unorthodox pairing" as written on the first page of this editorial. We are tempted to say strength as well or maybe strength is the lovechild of fragility. If you can't get (visually) enough, the full spread is published on Women Management's blog.

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