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Maaike Klaasen @ SPS (The Netherlands), Select (London)

We saw it yesterday evening and immediately thought this is a must-blog of the summer and a kind of milestone in Maaike's career. Milestone is definitely the right word as it always leaves the idea of something else coming in a near future while being a remarkable achievement in itself. This leads us to another interesting fact as most of times when you think of achievement in modeling you've got names like Vogue or any other famous magazine or label in mind and it quickly turns into an exercise of name-dropping for the sake of hype and popularity within the fashion/modeling field. Here you've got an achievement in terms of talent and skills which has more weight in our eyes than whatever big name to associate with Maaike's pictures. Of course, there is a certain dose of excitement around these pictures provided they are published on (and not in) NAAG Magazine, the online project of Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne but the support doesn't matter as much as the visuals in this precise case. We could even say the magazine will get its reputation from publishing stories like that while Maaike's book will mostly benefit from adding some of her strongest pictures ever. Kind of symbiosis between a new publication and a young lady on the rise. To start with names now, photographer is Willem Jaspert while stylist is no stranger to our columns: Sam Ranger, who offered our eyes a couple of priceless moments with many previous works (more to see on her blog, "Too Much Good Taste Can Be Boring").

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  • Im so with you on this girl.....

    Posté par A.Beverhausen, 19-08-10 à 10:31 PM

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