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My Heart Never Healed (From This Love) 
Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY)

Scenes from the past spiced up with a few anachronic details or smart recipe made of timeless items that still may be able to catch the spirit of today (with a nostalgic feeling for yesterday and an eye looking at tomorrow). Hard to find the exact words to describe, hard to describe anyway without falling into the usual honeytrap of making a catalogue of references, past or current. Feelings usually do it better when it comes to comment some editorials (from US Harper's Bazaar -- September 2010 issue for that matter). Tune your eye, stick it to the screen (or the glossy page) and see if the magic enters your brain this way. High chances it works if you've been following Eniko's steps over seasons like we did. Though, we're not sure a career analysis is what we need now and it seems we did it a half-dozen of times already. Might be more to say that how this new story by Glen Luchford and Marie Chaix (same team as behind Eniko's spread in Vogue Italia's March 2010 issue) enters Ms Mihalik's portfolio and what it adds to it at a stage where each piece, even the most precious is just another golden brick in her golden wall. What really matters (to us, then it's up to each eye to see what it has to) is how all the ingredients work together, how the tiny flaws make everything more relevant, how Eniko both plays her own character and let it melt into the concept of the story (Chic Easy Pieces, the title gives an immediate idea of it). This creates quite an interesting contrast between an organic feeling that only belongs to ourselves and the basic recipe used for the editorial, a contrast between our inner imagery (and imagination) and the visual reality (to a certain point) of the glossy pages. What do we see in the end? Eniko, always effortlessly elegant with the right dose of self-confidence required to turn a seasonal topic into a timeless story? Or just the breaches (or flaws) our eyes try to find in its relentless hunt for a way to free our visual world from too much perfection? These questions might point out where the limit is: the no man's land between a rational approach and a personal perception and interpretation. And this is when and how you realise you never really recover from your free-wheel ventures on the second area. For the best, we hope.

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