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The Consequences of Charisma
Marcelia Freesz @ One (NY)

We were just talking about the 'surprise effect' and just got a surprise ourselves as well. Actually if we pay so much attention to leaving room for some surprising turns, it might be due to the fact we love being surprised too. Agencies are currently working on their show packages (if they aren't all done yet) and most of them are managing to throw some surprising names (and faces) in their mix. One agency who never let us down on this front is... One Management. You'll see later that their package includes a couple more good surprises but right now the One who caught our eyes is Marcelia Freesz. We've been able to see a few others that are in town and ready to show up, from those we hoped to see to some rather unknown names, but weren't expecting Marcelia's materials to be the first on our list. Not even two nights ago when these polaroids landed in our inbox.

What's definitely surprising with Marcelia isn't her 'look' or not only this aspect. But let's start with this, though, as it's what you see first when you take a look at her polas. Picture-perfect classic beauty, gorgeous contrast between dark brown hair and clear blue eyes, 5'10 height and so on. There might be more visual reasons to fall in love with Marcelia but it's nothing else than some geniune charisma that actually brought all our attention to her. Again we could start with a lightspeed description of what makes us feel this way and if you need some kind of explanation we might say it's all in her eyes, in the way she gazes to the camera. But the consequences are even more interesting than her charisma itself. Remember not so long ago, when it came to new faces the official motto could have been "the greener the better" and here comes Marcelia with her looks and skills that don't really scream "green" at all. Even the opposite, and in such a subtle manner that can only force you to think twice again about this whole concept of 'new face'. If anything has to be kept about it, it's this famous 'surprise effect' we mention in the first paragraph and this for sure belongs to Marcelia's best assets for the upcoming season in New York.

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