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Michalina Glen @ Eastern (Poland)

Easy title, easy writing. Light-hearted moods and polkadots are going hand in hand quite easily. No fuss, this afternoon. Taking it easy or trying to. And Michalina Glen was quite a good one to embody the atmosphere of the day, the quiet moments before (or after) the storm. Quiet moments for us doesn't mean the same for her as she's been relentlessly working on growing her book and that one is just an outtake we hand-selected from the numerous new tearsheets she added to her portfolio. Though, we believe one outtake can sometimes do more when we want to picture the process the right way, showing the small imperfections and little flaws that reminds you of how transitory this stage is while bringing some extra focus on the huge improvements already done. It tells you how long is the way and that your path is rarely a straightline but also cheers you up to see everything is on tracks, moving forward. And tells you again it's sometimes better to think of where you managed to take before thinking of 'where do we go from here'. Where is Michalina going to is still a bit of a mystery to us right now but we're watching carefully what her next steps will be. With a trustful eye we must say. Trust the polkadots!

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