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The Perfect Palette
Laura McCone @ Elite (NY)

We could have called our entry Out of the Blue, the trick would be perfect but we thought nothing would be true in that title and it wouldn't reflect our thoughts on these new works of Jonathan Leder. Neither him (a regularly featured photographer and an all-time favorite) nor Laura McCone (still new but hard not to notice her) are literally coming out of the blue for us. And that wouldn't fit our theme either as our focus is somewhere else than (re-)creating some shock of the new or whatever it is called. What really captured our attention in the photographs is far from any idea of hype or buzz and we wouldn't exaggerate saying it is the pictures themselves and the elements making them what they are that got our eyes... and love.

The atmosphere is often the most important element, the key element in photography. What vibe you get when you look at the photographs in front of you, what do you see and how it makes you feel. Might be just visual or deeper, it's still very often a matter of atmosphere(s) no matter if it's a part of the photographer's signature, a simple ingredient added on purpose to the series or just what's going on in the viewer's mind when looking at it. To go back to our blue topic of the beginning, this blue light - blue vibe in Jonathan Leder's work with Laura does certainly play a role in its peculiar intensity. Perfect shade, deep and almost dramatic with a warm side you don't often associate with that color. Perfect match of the playful shadows in background and the immaculate white outfits. And Laura's expressions and effortlessly fluid body language are just the most subtle icing on that never-too-sugary cake. Soft and understated wildness raising emotions then blank turns blue through the magic of shapes and shadows from a perfect palette, of colors and expressions.

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