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One Management's Spring Summer 2011 Show Package

We've been working on this feature for almost a week and it might be the longest picture-post in FDIB's history. Been thinking of talk about it and which cards to (dis)play. Not used to the excercise and usually rather posting a couple of cards instead of the full package but this one (or this One for that matter) was quite a dilemma. How to post only our personal picks without taking the risk for the visual to lose their essence and for us to step away from One Management's spirit? Impossible. So, after days and nights of intense thinking, conversations about the need to keep them all to keep the agency's Spring 2011 statement and previews on our second pages, we decided to make it clear and loud: all models are here. From Wiktoria to Tasha, from Paula to Marcelia, from Julia to Lyoka, from Selina to Elisa, from Tanga to Alicia and from Charlotte to Mary. Timeless visions of unique women turned upside down in pastel or bright colors...


  • Just amazing !
    The colors, the models, the retro/pin up style !
    Everything seems perfect to me

    Posté par Olga, 03-09-10 à 06:59 PM

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