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Reny @ New York Models (NY)

You could totally imagine her coming from a magical realist novel or one of Frida Kahlo's paintings but Reny is from Hungary (VM Model), she's 5'10 high and new at New York Models. And she's for real, neither the character of a book nor a pretty painting. We guess some would love to paint her but so far we see her more as a photographer's muse than in any other role. Recently arrived in town and completing her portfolio these days, hopefully getting a masterpiece in it soon (what do we have with artistic vocabulary today?). There are hopes for it if you have a look at how Jacob Sadrak portrayed her, unveiling the dramatic sides of this laid-back young lady. 

Laid-back looks, nonchalant vibe. That's what we thought when we saw her new polaroids for the first time. Immediate sight. And that just makes us even more smitten by the way she turns this casual coolness into some dark and dramatic intensity when she gets to experiment with her modeling skills. Thinking of fashion week about to start (one week to countdown, right?) or beyond showtime, these assets shouldn't remain unnoticed for too long.

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  • Ah, when I first saw her @ NYMM board, I fell in love (thus her thread @TFS. Lol). Not only is she beautiful in test shots but in digitals as well. That is just such a promise for her career. I mean, who can forget those curved down eyes and those wonderful brows. Really following this one!

    Posté par AX80, 06-09-10 à 01:37 PM

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