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Judging The Book By Its Cover

Grey like the sky we like, grey like an atmosphere. If we begin with Grey Magazine, we can hardly stop so let's rather spare our words tonight and keep them for the day we'll have it in hands and see what's inside for real. Let's stop and spare, and let's stick to the cover. Beautiful and simple, simply beautiful and beautifully simple (sorry for using that old trick again) as we wish every cover would be (or become). Plain and powerful, like a lost treasure you would find again by chance. As subtle as it's simple, showing what everyone could have produced but has never managed to, showing the evidence no one has been able to point out. Chadwick Tyler shot it again and shot a hole in our souls, touched the heart of that undying love we have for his photographs. And for his photography, we're just delighted to see how it translates in a new context, how the aesthetic evolves and the core remains (strongly) through evolutions and translations (styling by Valentina Ilardi Martin). Then Karlie Kloss, best choice ever for a magazine like Grey, best match for their dry grey cover. Karlie without the usual mythology surrounding her, just the young woman she is, the face with its flaws that we love when they make it stronger. Moving. It's like re-discovering why we do what we do, why we love what we love and believe in what we still believe in. Growing the faith to an unknown climax and we've never guessed, never imagined a cover could have so much effect, visually and beyond.

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    Merci Maud,
    je suis ravie que cela te plaise.
    tu as completement compris l'esprit Grey.

    Posté par leila, 03-09-10 à 04:25 PM
  • !!!

    She just looks amazing with this hair/make up/lanvin dress !!!

    Posté par Olga, 03-09-10 à 06:52 PM
  • In an age where covers are filled with color, adornments, etc, it's so refreshing going back to the classics and having such a cover. Not distracting and straight to the point.

    Posté par AX80, 06-09-10 à 01:35 PM

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