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Her Stare Is Louder Than Your Voice 
Michelle Den Hollander @ SPS (The Netherlands), Supreme (NY)

If you take the time to listen to our rhyme, you would be aware of Michelle's magical stare. Something you can't miss, can't overlook even if you glimpse at the pictures for a few seconds only. Michelle never gets rid of it and that's for the very best but this time Anouk Morgan managed to bring this extraordinary feature to another level. We don't even think it was meant to be this way, it's just the natural result of a great collaboration, of a model who uses the best of her looks on every shot and a photographer who pulls out the best of her models everytime she works with them. A crazy combo that turns into a precise imagery oscillating between raw and polished, rough and sleek, tough and sweet, all of them mixing to each other in a perfect chemistry, working together like swiss clockworks. Balance coming out of contradictory feelings, opposite forces and that's the strength of the series. No tedious atmosphere when it blows cold and warm, leaving you with your eyes wide open and goosebumps running down your back. 5'11"5 high and part of Supreme's brand-new show package, Michelle's got that spark in her eyes to add some spice to the next few weeks ahead of us.

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  • I think that's so rare when a model has so much freckles that it makes them prettier, exotic ? I don't know ^^ I just like this !
    Great text by the way

    Posté par Olga, 03-09-10 à 06:55 PM
  • Well ... So what ? She does not look happy ...

    Posté par Antiblues, 05-09-10 à 07:51 AM
  • I have to admit that I have a thing for freckled girls. The comment above refers to her not looking happy but sometimes it's just that. Not all models have to look happy and cheery but rather portray an emotion. That is what is intriguing here. The connection between cheery and freckles is often made as cartoons portray freckled girls with balloons at the park, etc. here, another stance is taken. Quite lovely indeed.

    Her and Johanne Friis could almost be sisters! Funny thing they're both at Supreme as well!

    Posté par AX80, 06-09-10 à 01:34 PM
  • Not to...

    ... mention the photographer, who did an excellent job here.

    Love the first and the last pic!

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 07-09-10 à 02:56 AM

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