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Straight Line (To The Point)

It's been a little while since last time we talked about Ksenia. Was a quick intro, actually, and we're really, geniunely happy to be able to drop a few lines again. We've had the opportunity to see a lot of materials of the newcomers who recently arrived in town at New York Models for Spring Summer 2011 and almost each of them would be worth having a complete entry dedicated to her but you know how it goes. Fast and we have to keep everything as selective as possible, as relevant as we can. Making choices and decisions even when they are difficult, when pressure grows higher and timetables get tinier. So, as we had to choose a newbie for today we thought we owed this spot to Ksenia. For everything she embodies in our eyes: natural beauty and effortless elegance on top of other great promises we can read on her precious face (and features). 5'10 high, brown locks and hazel eyes are the codes to describe her looks with words and numbers. For everything going beyond facts and figures, we leave it to your imagination... 

... and to Sinsong's creativty, as the NY-based photographer just released a subtle series of new pictures (makeup by Danielle Hutton) that were immediately added to Ksenia's book. Dreamy atmosphere and understated drama all the way, unveiling how her delicate features aren't only beautiful per se but can be considered as a 'vector' of emotions that perfectly translate in pictures. Her potential might be quite contagious as last time we had a newbie-convo and brought Ksenia's name to the table, everybody could only agree on this special, soft yet slightly unconventional vibe of hers that certainly sets her apart from the masses. From poise to power there is sometimes only one very tiny step.

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  • regard intense et très jolie bouche, très belle

    Posté par laure, 13-09-10 à 06:53 PM

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