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Back to Life!
Alina Untila @ Mandarina (Romania)

First job, first cover and a great statement on it: Back to Life! A good idea for a September issue and a very uncommon way to picture it, going for a minimalist, dry and light-colored aesthetic instead of overloading the visual with all these jolly clichés usually related to the theme. We've always known Ozon for its creativity and the magazine never fails to offer an alternative vision and, in this precise case, a different point of view on fashion and beyond fashion boundaries. No big theories but a combination of vocabulary and imagery that can be read in quite a refreshing way. Featured here is Alina Untila, one of the bright young stars-in-making at Mandarina Models, who got this cover (shot by Panos Davios and styled by Marianthi Chatzikidi) as her first job ever when she arrived in Greece (thanks to D Models in Athens). Not bad for a première and even if the road is still long, it's always better to start off the right foot.

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    great cover, clean, focused and refreshing, as always when it comes to ozon mag

    Posté par indie, 22-09-10 à 12:45 PM

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