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Love and Luck 
Bregje Heinen @ Micha Models (The Netherlands), Select (London), Supreme (NY), Women (Milan)

There are these days you wonder if emotions are your friends or foes and can't find a proper answer, some days you wish it was all mild and calm, that you were flowing on your feelings instead of being carried by the flood. If there one fashion story (beauty story for that matter) which really materialise this impression, that would be Bregje's latest spread in Glass Magazine, third issue. Opened by a close-up shot of her, lost in her thoughts (or dreams, we were not in her head during the photo session), the first vision is as intense as the mood is quiet and the colors are soft. As when a gentle rain comes to replace the stormy weather that has been (mind-)blowing and (soul-)rocking for hours, from dusk till dawn, back and forth, high and low. A taste of balance perfectly enhanced by the make-up skills of Yasmin Heinz and beautifully captured by photographer Felix Lammers, the same great team working it out again while styling was performed by Darren Knight. Peaceful sights, subtle spark and a call to use all the energy and power to do better things, instead of rushing and running all the time. Forget about the frenzy, focus on fashion. Keep love alive and keep being lucky.

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