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Casual or Not 
Olga Cazacenco @ Ice Squared (Milan)

Haven't talked a lot about London this season (did we talk about New York much as well? maybe before it started, right) and off to Milan we go now. First day today, first thrill later this afternoon (think Gucci and tune your mood) and first Milano-girl on FDIB this morning. From Ice Squared, home of Melinda and Alisa, who just released their show package on their blog asking if you are squared enough. We might be but not sure it's our answer that matters most these days. And our topic isn't the package as a whole but one of the newest Ice-cool girls in town: Olga Cazacenco from Mandarina Models (second Mandarina in two days!) who just added a couple of new test shots and digitals to her portfolio. Snaps picture her as fresh and cute as a button while tests showcase some unexpected intensity again. But that's for paragraph number two, if you don't mind to keep on reading. 

To be honest, first time we saw polaroids of Olga we couldn't say we were beyond impressed. It's only when the first batch of homemade test shots from Mandarina that we understood there might be some kind of power hidden in this girl. Something that only expresses when the camera dares to unveil it, something deep inside and eager to pop out like fireworks. This should remind us forever what modeling is about. If polaroids are always important and count among the most useful tools ever, it's editorial skills (in other words: the ability to express feelings and emotions through body and face in a particular situation) that count most in the end. It's what makes the difference between a pretty face and true talent, as simple and almost cheesy as it sounds. And we're just talking about a very technical aspect, not trying to put any kind of philosophy or overwhelming theory there but it's a matter of fact: you can never judge of a model's potential just by reviewing her features one by one and whoever takes this path is venturing on slippery slope just leading to missing an opportunity. Sometimes the opportunity. That's why, despite some polaroid-weaknesses in her early day, we believe in a girl like Ms Cazacenco and want to believe in all the Cazacencos of this world. Trying to find a smart and sensitive approach that might become... sustainable when the machine is launched.

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