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Dash and Spark 
Dasha @ Image Discovery (email / blog)

Dasha might have more dash than cash today, she's got enough spark to convert this look of hers into gold in a near or further future. The latest discovery of Image Discovery (sorry for the second pun of this Monday morning) is 16-years-old and 5'10 (178) and this combination certainly does not hurt. Or let's rather say it goes hand in hand with her ferocious yet subtle (green? grey? blue eyes? you tell us!) gaze and dark eyebrows that seem to want to conquer the world as soon as possible. But the real question is not if she's going to make it or not: rather which agency will add her to her roster. Highly watched already, it seems. Popcorn and a pint bitter, please. And let's watch too and enjoy.

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  • Looks great, but this agency should try to take better polaroids of these girls and elaborate strategies that go beyond online promotion and whistle-stop trips to the Asian fashion markets for about 6 weeks.

    Posté par M., 27-09-10 à 06:02 PM

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