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Frozen Tears
Valeria Kelava @ Ford (NY), Oui (Paris)

Ending the season with a flawless week in Paris from Balenciaga to Miu Miu, from Givenchy to Louis Vuitton, from Rick Owens to Viktor & Rolf, from Giambattista Valli to Kenzo and sorry for the ones we've had to skipped, they would be worth a mention too. Flawless show-list and a good editorial kick to keep it all sky-high. Two stories in Vogue Italia's October issue would be enough to write a note even with no shows to back it up but the combination of both can be considered as an important turn in a model's career. Not that it's just starting off these days, Valerija has been rocking every front for months already and that's exactly what makes the news more interesting. The way she keeps increasing the amount of high-end work with time is something to have in mind these days both as a good example of a steady rise and for how incredibly selective it remains whatever she does. Two spreads in what could be one of this year's most insteresting issues of Vogue Italia just falls into place in this process, first in a group story by Craig McDean (next to Hannah Holman or Hanne Gaby Odiele among others) then a full-length spread by Paolo Roversi. A Poetic Winter. Inspiring title, subtle visuals and Valerija's commanding presence. The kind of atmosphere that puts you in the mood, worth a couple of frozen tears (of joy).

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    Coucou ! Pas trop le temps de te lire mais merci aussi.

    Posté par louboutin, 10-10-10 à 09:32 AM
  • I was just looking at this editorial last night and thought how stupid it was to throw Vogue IT in the darkest corner of my room without opening it. Her Dazed & Confused eds were so magical, but this is even better. I don't know how it's possible, but I guess it's in the eyes - they make you a prisoner! Such a lovely, romantic story!

    Posté par Amelia, 10-10-10 à 12:28 PM
  • I wouldn't have been fond of the model if I hadn't seen that editorial where she looks amazing !

    Posté par Olga, 03-12-10 à 12:27 AM

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