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Every Now And Then
Odile Coco @ SPS (The Netherlands)

From coast to coast, from East to West, from time to time and so on. Everything is matter of time and space in modeling if you see things from a certain angle and if for Odile Coco there is no real geographical parameter involved in her career, time certainly plays its role. Timing, as some would say and as new materials keep being added every now and then to her portfolio (rather now than then but the future might add some treasures to the pack as well), timing seems to be good for an update on her evolution too. Latest work we've seen of her comes from Gioia magazine, shot by Sean & Seng . The visuals themselves are a kind of mix between a beauty story and a full fashion spread. Perfect for some autumnal twilight moments.

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  • Odile looks great! Fantastic edd in Gioia magazine.

    Posté par Fashionmilk, 14-10-10 à 09:19 PM

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