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Tatatata Bengbengbeng (All The Rage)  Valerija Kelava and Hanne Gaby Odiele @ Ford (NY), Hannah Holman @ Elite (NY)

Working till two in the morning, waking up with loud disco straight in the ears and working again. Did we even sleep or did we dream we slept? That is the question and a very good one. Vogue Italia is not a dream, though it's a shame it hasn't reached our favorite bookshop yet -- will probably have to kick some asses soon if we want to get it in time.. next time. Because this issue is all the rage here and now, and makes us eager to see the next one next month. That's how great magazines are supposed to work: one issue has to make you hungry for another and if this one has enough inside to feed our inspirations for days, good things should never stop and make proverbs sounds like lies. Valerija's story by Paolo Roversi was the highlight of last week and we thought another fix wouldn't hurt. Valerija, again, Hanne Gaby and Hannah Holman as our favorite three from The New Ease, by Craig McDean and Edward Enninful. A fix to kick us in morning. And a kick to fix our mood to some upper heights before going back on the road.


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