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Bat Girl
Merle Bergers @ SPS (The Netherlands)

Merle might be the sweetest girl ever, she knows how to embody the perfect brat for a few hours when shooting with Jolijn Snijders. Bat brat if you allow us to drop a little pun to wake you up on this rainy Wednesday morning. And it would actually fit for the playful vibe one can get from these pictures, carefreely playing with pop symbols. Welcome to Merle's world, pictured here as a one-girl-show on a giant red dot. It seems fun at first time yet the story behind is quite interesting to know as well.

The motivated, hard-working young lady has finally started to make her way in modeling. And if we say she can't stop if she goes (and if she wants it, takes it slow), we don't mean it in a proverbial way. Just as a fact. Will and skills go hand in hand in almost every case, improvement is a neverending story in fashion where everyone (from designers to photographers to models) has to re-invent themselves through their work all the time. It's too early to talk about reinvention in Merle's case since her career is still short and just starting but the level of creativity she seems to put in her work is what should be considered as her forte from now on. London should tell us more soon on how her talents can express in editorials as she just joined Select after being well prepared under SPS's wing. Before she can spread her own ones.

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  • I didn't know her but I'm quite fond of her beauty !

    Posté par Olga, 03-12-10 à 12:26 AM

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