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High Fly, Touch The Sky
Ana Gilca @ Mandarina (Romania), Premier (London)

Welcome to Premier says the Union Jack on the agency's homepage. You got the right message and just can't wait to click on it. The mood is set and the atmosphere takes you straight ahead to the other side of the Channel. A short, instant imaginary trip that you want to turn into reality in a glimpse and you remember nothing is ever impossible. Absolutely nothing and that's what keeps you going on, keeps you awake late at night and kicks you out of bed early in the morning. Ana Gilca's british dream is already for real with stylish polaroids and black nail polish (and a remarkable first season in London and beyond). As she was already featured here earlier this week (and we are only Wednesday), we could have started our little post with welcome back Ana but it rather seems we should say fly well and fly high since she's not about to stop travelling these days. And don't forget to bring us a piece of cloud when you'll touch the sky.

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