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The End

Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Women (NY)

The end or the beginning. Or the never ending circle, like seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring again but no Spring ever look like the previous one. So, if an end is never really an end, a beginning is never really a beginning either. That's life, sorry if this is easy to say. You never know when things are going to stop and what's going to replace or keep the same vibe alive. But instead of babbling on the beginnings and ends of things (times? eras?), the Springs and Falls, the alphas and omegas, we invite you to have a look at the latest addition in Annabelle's book which is also the latest work of  Maria Postigo. Both artists (the model and the photographer) were recently introduced on FDIB. So, in a way it makes sense to say the end has no end. And everything falls into place. Let's stop writing now and keep our eyes wide open for one minute twenty seconds. Before clicking on replay.

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