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Do Not Know, Do Not Care 
Hanna Samokhina @ Wilhelmina (NY)

Do not know, do not care. What tomorrow will be but always eager to be the day after. Time goes by so slowly on one side and too fast when you think of the next deadlines in your life. Making decisions is never an easy task, it takes some extra strength and clear goals in mind to make the most important ones. As nothing is ever granted, you always get to cope with unexpected parameters and hopefully good surprises as well. Talking about good surprises, Hanna's performance during Spring Summer 2011 fashion weeks counts among the best surprises of the season. Half-surprise, actually, as we've always believed there is more to see of Ms Samokhina than a few casual appearances on this or that runway and that her career should take off one day or another. And that day was one of the last of New York fashion week, when she finally made her way on the other side of the ocean, walking for Calvin Klein as one of the models exclusively booked for the show in that city. Europe treated her well too when you count Christopher Kane in London, Antonio Marras and Jil Sander in Milan or Dries Van Noten and Alexander McQueen in Paris.

There would be more to say about her show list but we guess you got the point already. Steady pace all the way after a spectacular start in NY. Makes you aware nothing is never pure luck yet nothing can ever be expected, nothing is totally random yet relevance is a very versatile concept when it comes to casting... These might be more reasons to enjoy the new turn in Hanna's career but that's not the topic since we would like to focus a bit more on the new materials she recently added to her book, refining or even redefining (to some point) her image. Smooth and soft, light but subtly deep. Might be  all words we can use now or might be that nothing is left to say, we should let the pictures speak by themselves. Do not know, do not care.

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  • I like her and I'm happy her career is going better and better - My blog about New Faces

    Posté par Focus On Them, 28-10-10 à 12:03 AM
  • slow and steady win the race!

    Posté par dbp, 28-10-10 à 12:08 AM
  • Red

    Great hair and skin !
    The 4th picture's just like an old paint, it's gorgeous !

    Posté par Olga, 03-12-10 à 12:24 AM

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