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Exciting Times (Be Still, My Heart) 
Kamila @ ML Studio (Poland)

It was roughly one month ago only, end of September just before we left the office for five days in Paris. It was the introduction of Kamila, newcomer at ML Studio. It was cute, quiet times and it's all frenzy and excitement now after all went so fast for the Polish young woman (19-years-old). Feels a bit strange and very exciting when we remembered our title when we first wrote about her, Ride the Tide, since she quite caught her wave and took the opportunity. Quite some kind of prophecy when you know she just left to New York to keep her development going on the other side of the ocean. Very exciting times for her and her mother agent, keeping her fingers (and ours) crossed. And most exciting times are also what makes you most nervous, as always with the greatest projects but that's what makes you feel alive and keeps you going the right way. 

Signed with VNY, joining their boutique women's board, Kamila is ready for two months of intense training and work on her book. Light-speed story so far, now hard work. The best turn for such a early stage in a model career. She didn't leave her home country without adding some solid materials to her portfolio with, besides the classy polas of first paragraphs, some brand-new test shots by ML Studio's very own Magda Lipiejko. Busy crazy times that remind us of some good old title we used (twice if we're not mistaken): Life is a Bon (Beau) Voyage. Looks good and sounds good too when slightly adjusted to the current situation.

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