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Projects are going their ways, taking different forms after starting from the same roots. Everything always evolves for the simple reason it has to evolve one way or another. Or disappear, or lose its spark and interest. It's better then to go for an evolution, slow or spectacular. A transformation, a metamorphosis. Fashion can appear as static for a couple of months or seasons, never more. As soon as you understood this parameter, you have to adapt and adjust. Move forward, step away from any kind of systematic mechanism. It's worth for model agents, for scouts, for photographers, for editors, for casting directors. For everyone. For us.

Don't worry, though. We're not going to extend this short reflection to fields we don't know too much about or not in such a fast and direct way. Just went through these thoughts while seeing this video by Tess Feuilhade and realising what it brings to the model's book and/or the model's image in this precise case. The same goes for agencies using video materials for their show package visuals or for their updates (think of blogs or newsletters). Videos, or whatever other creative medium going slightly further than plain paper or still virtual images. The main ingredient in such projects (or even ventures, sometimes) is the limitless narrative opportunities it brings to the table, without doing it in a obvious and negatively overwhelming manner.

Think of an unparalleled possibility to tell a story without the usual fate of telling your viewer or reader what he should think. Leave room to the eye and imagination of whoever is watching or reading your creative contents. Leave room to inspiration and make sure it's contagious in the right way. From our viewer point of view, the message is clear: there is something going on and we want to see this something going on till the video shows the words 'the end' while leaving us full of doubts. Is what we see what's supposed to be seen or what our eyes want to see? Attracting the attention yet allowing you to feel you've got control on everything. You decide, the viewer decides... the same way a casting director would decide and does not like to feel 'pushed' to make one decision or another. That's the power of that video and has to be the key point of any similar materials/projects: making a statement of course but, more than anything else, making a proposal. It's clearly the latter that matters.

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    this is beautiful, les monstieux

    Posté par dbp, 12-11-10 à 04:38 PM
  • I'm the director too !!!!

    I would like to thanks you to put the film i directed on the set of Tess Feuilhade, but I think it will be great to have some credits of mine. Thanks you

    Posté par JOYEUX, 17-01-11 à 12:09 PM

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