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Release The Butterfly 
Merethe Hopland @ Joy (Milan), Modelwerk (Hamburg), Elite (London)

Sometimes, you know, we are tired of looking like this, you know. Doing what we do, the way we do it. We all need a breathe (or a breeze?) of fresh air to re-energize ourselves and get the necessary strength to move on to new horizons. It often takes a kick, a thrill or whatever (leaving you the choice of the vocable here) to look to the future. Getting back on tracks, back to basics yet never looking back without denying what the legacy of our past projects brought us through the years. Living a new now as a new dawn and focusing on tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Complicated schedule? So, let's take an example that has almost nothing to do with us yet has this in common that it takes only a little detail to change your world. Like getting rid of a few extra hair lengths to feel fresher. Here comes Merethe, new do and new deal. 

Merethe Hopland, 5'11, brought on the scene by Joy Model Management this season (backed by Modelwerk in Germany), caught some attention for mixing classical features with experimental looks. Whether this is a new formula to keep in mind or just lucky combination is not the question. The real one is how will this look translate through the next few months, through her upcoming editorial work and a full show season (most likely) next February. That's what's interesting to watch now and commenting on the future is purely pointless (since it's only expectation and prediction that may never come true). We might be no fortunetellers but still feel allowed to have faith in what has high chances to happen or in who could make this happen. Et le mot de la fin: good things never really end, they morph into something else. To meditate until we tell you more.

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  • =O

    extremely beautiful

    Posté par Rue des Modèles, 29-10-10 à 03:17 PM
  • One year

    Extremely classical beauty.

    Will be much better in within a year or so (hair grow at 1 cm a month).

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 09-11-10 à 08:41 PM
  • I know it's stupid but all I find to say is :
    what a long neck ! ^^

    Posté par Olga, 03-12-10 à 12:19 AM

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