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Lynn Amelie Rage @ PMA (Hamburg)

This post was first planned for the end of October or very beginning of November but time went by very fast and events decided of our schedule in a different way. Time went by quite fast as well since our visit to PMA, during a two-days-trip to Hamburg more than one year and a half ago. Still in their former office, in that quiet green area of the city. Since then PMA had achieved what could be the most important step in its story so far, reaching a higher level through a clearer image at a steady pace, with geniune results. Lynn Amelie's latest fashion facts are here to testify of this remarkable move as she walked for Prada Spring 2011 show without any hint or proper news on further international placements yet. Quite an achievement or to talk properly and include all parameters, a real kick to start thinking big and bigger, to dream of a brighter future of an exciting project. Might be what interests us most in that story, how one agency ventures into its own history and how one of its models embodies that precious character who leads the great changes. Sharp features, cheerfully subtle gaze and a peaceful vibe radiating from any of her digitals could be the decisive ingredients behind everything. Let's watch the next chapter and share the naturally peaceful mood around.

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