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Nothing To Hide 
Val @ AM Model Management (Germany)

Snowy Monday morning, time is running faster than expected. Time in our minds too, as a mix of impatience and excitement. Looking through the window, looking back a little bit then looking forward to the future full force. It's not even December and we'd love to see January knock at the door. It's not even December on the calendar but it's already German Vogue's Dezember issue that we are talking about today. A few pages from an advertorial shot by Lado Alexi featuring Val, one of the young ladies from AM Model Management (who had already two entries dedicated to her here, along with others from the German boutique like Lena and Luisa). For anyone interested in development of a career, these recent pictures are quite an interesting step for Val as an addition of diversity to her portfolio which already counted some precious photographs as soon as she started some months ago. The road is still long but with such strong beginning, her mother agent is allowed to have high hopes and expectations, and we just can share this feeling of impatience when it comes to seeing the next moves going on.

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