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Going Through a Motion 
Grace @ Factor Women (USA)

A new wave of new faces? No way. Just chance that brought us some more digitals right after a full package of dutch newbies. This time, our young lady is coming from the United States and is represented by Factor Women that seemed impatient to introduce her. And that's how Grace ended up gracing FDIB today, a mix of luck and right decision at the best moment. But saying chance is one of the only ingredients would be a mistake, there was certainly something that made Grace stand out from the recent crowd of beginners we've been given to see. Standing out or perfectly embodying the direction some agencies have been taking recently, up to you to fix your own description of Grace's beauty type (and 5'10 height). Something is moving for sure, fashion and modeling don't look as static as they could have appeared not long time ago and we can see it as a good thing. As always, only the smart will survive and prove their vision was right. So, you gotta catch a lightning to make a star.

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  • Grace!!!

    Posté par amber, 01-12-10 à 09:05 PM
  • Cat's eyes

    Grace reminds me of my (pretty) cat. I'm sure she has the same sharp canines by the way...

    Posté par Pacific Blue, 13-12-10 à 09:20 AM
  • amazing grace

    Posté par sara, 13-12-10 à 12:01 PM

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