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After The Curtain Falls 

Take one of these models, Edita Vilkeviciute, who usually shines for her multiple expressions, predominantly geniune in most of her work and place her in a story where she had to bear only one face that tastes like nothing else than aristocratic neutrality. Of course, she works it out, pretty brilliantly by the way when she literally embodies this character looking obviously disconnected from everything surrounding her. Take it as a performance or as the utlimate luxury for an editorial today: booking a model who can express almost everything and barely let her express anything at all. Sign of the times, when you consider the army of young women that could have got the job and would almost work it out with their one and only expression and limited presence. And, please, feel the power behind the idea, the emotion behind the gloss. Forget about the glitter, the colors, the overwhelming glamour contrasting with the landscape and background, imagine it in black and white, mentally paint it black and white if you need to and you might find out that all what really matters goes slightly beyond a given aesthetic, that the question is no more about minimalist versus overloaded etc. May you secretly like it, weirdly love it or just feel uncomfortable with the nature of the visuals, the key elements or ingredients are neither to analyse or to admire. Just a helpful summer breeze in wintertime to readjust your inspiration(s). From Vogue Nippon, January 2011 issue (all pictures from Fashion Screen), shot by Mario Sorrenti and styled by George Cortina.

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