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Might and Delusion 
Beegee @ PMST

Keep it going like the rain keeps pouring outside (or is it snow? who knows), keep it running, keep it alive one way or another. Might be the motto on some mornings, might be our way to work some days. Trying to find the brightest side of everything we can, trying to find out how to add some spicy smell to every mild-tasting topic. Sometimes the magic isn't in the subject itself but in the way you look at it and talk about it. Sometimes or rather often. Or let's say it's like the differences of management between one agency and another, one agent and his neighbour, it's not what you do but how you do it. Making decisions, taking control and that might be what PMST is doing right now, working on Beegee's international placements. The 5'9"5 newcomer already got the eye of a couple of agencies worldwide and it's now up to her mother agents to do the job with the required precision. And no mistaken devotion.

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  • I'm so happy for beeing here )

    Posté par BEEGEE, 09-12-10 à 07:42 PM

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