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Again, Again, Again 
Edita Vilkeviciute @ Viva (Paris)

Goodbye heartache and good vibrations, some mornings might be terribly cold and waking up such a hard task, you feel good nonetheless. Good energy, good will that usually helps good (hard) work that can bring results. No expectation, though, just enjoying the moment and taking the opportunity of an overload of energy to turn it into something worthy. Between nichromes and models we've been following for years, jumping from one topic to the other but today that seemed rather easy compared to last week. Staying in Lithuania anyway, after the short introduction in the post below, we thought another look at Edita's recent works was quite a lovely way to start a new week. And quite a perfect idea to keep the energy high enough for upcoming projects we're working on. Non-stop like Edita's career pace as you may have noticed editorials are literally piling up in her book. Last time was a bit from Vogue Nippon, today a mix of Muse and Numéro. Two very different moods, two different atmosphere and two distinct characters she had to play. From the cosy black white shots by Tom Munro in Numéro to Muse's refreshing and relaxed poses on stairs. Like evening and morning. Like the way we wrote this entry: started as we got up and ended now after night fell down again.

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  • Gosh... How not to love Edita. With a stunning face, an equally stunning body to follow and a versatility in expression and attitude, Edita is the it model of the moment in my eyes....

    Posté par AX80, 14-12-10 à 01:03 PM

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