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Working is Celebrating 
Elin Lindskog @ Elite (NY)

There is this regular slope leading people involved in fashion medias to relate what they consider as the major facts of the year when this one comes to an end. We're not going to tell you we haven't thought of it ourselves, we would be terrible liars if we did, but after a short time and a couple of thoughts we didn't clearly see any real purpose in doing another review of the year. It's all subjective and each one will be different, but the fashion world doesn't need another version and we believe others are in better place to practise such an excercise. We're not going to call ourselves fortunetellers either, not going to try ourselves at predicting what next year will be but that's definitely where we're looking at right now. The future and in a symbolic way, the future can be seen as next year, next month or next couple of months. We all have expectations, let's keep them a bit under the radar and work on what matters to make them more than expectation when time will come. We had great moments in 2010 too, personal ones (not talking about private, but personal on a professional scale) and more obvious, more global ones. Things that we did and others we didn't do ourselves but go our direction. Changes in modeling, magazines etc. often echoed changes in our perception of fashion or strengthened our feelings about some specific points. But then again, would this reason be enough to write on some 'news of the year' while skipping others who had an equal impact in fashion? Or should we have left aside the typical tone of FDIB to make something totally neutral for once, putting an extra effort on relating only proven influential facts or news? We had to answer no to both questions. 

We almost feel sorry for putting the words of above paragraph in an entry dedicated to a photographer, his latest work and creative vision but understand we didn't want anything called (or smelling like) a retrospective of 2010. And in the end bringing a second topic to the main one just makes justice to hard work as it's a double opportunity to highlight what really matters: writing on a subject we consider as important next to a proper introduction of a photographer's portfolio. Nando Esparza is the creative mind behind the pictures we are showing this morning. Visuals mixing the code of classical minimalism as often seen in test shots to a softly saucy approach of the character he is portraying. And this perfectly fits with our first paragraph somehow, it's not 'hot' 'breaking news'. No revolution. Just a personal way to highlight beauty with creativity and a camera. With the help of Elite's model Eline Ledskog and hair-and-makeup artist Brit Cochran, this short story all in black and white and pastel colors impacts on us like a sweet reminder of what we really believe in: the unparalleled value of development in modeling also relies on a subtle use of established codes by a sharp creative eye. Gives quite an extra dose of energy to pass the end of the year and look to 2011 with a certain feeling of serene power.

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  • very nice and fluent

    Posté par mina, 24-12-10 à 12:22 PM
  • Pour la nouvelle année 2011, je te souhaite une pluie de Champagne pétillante de bulles de bonheur, de santé, et d’amour



    Posté par Casa Dolce Casa, 01-01-11 à 01:15 PM
  • Really nice
    "working is celebrating" -> i like that

    happy new year once again !

    Posté par Olga, 02-01-11 à 10:55 PM

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