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Working is Celebrating

    Elin Lindskog @ Elite (NY) There is this regular slope leading people involved in fashion medias to relate what they consider as the major facts of the year when this one comes to an end. We're not going to tell you we haven't thought of it ourselves, we would be terrible liars if we did, but after a short time and a couple of thoughts we didn't clearly see any real purpose in doing another review of the year. It's all subjective and each one will be different, but the fashion world doesn't need another version... [Lire la suite]
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C.Q.F.D. (Or L.O.V.E. Depending On Your Language)

Not tired of writing entries on Edita (by Camilla Akrans, believers will love, reluctant ones will swallow their hats). Not stopping until the editorial flow stops by itself and we sincerely doubt it will. This time from Industrie Magazine, awful name for a beautiful journal but we guess it wasn't left to chance, there are thoughts and feelings behind the choice. Edita Vilkeviciute or the story of modeling in some way, the ultimate proof right now that modeling relies on iconic faces way more than on 'hot' faces. That the... [Lire la suite]
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Come On Now, Try To Understand

        Timea @ VM Model Management (Hungary) Forget about less is more. Or think of it in a different, unusual way. Don't be afraid of a certain cornucopia, don't be afraid to explode and expose. Sometimes more is not enough and enough will never be enough. Meditate it, think twice, take the required distance and get back to it when you're done with your mental exercises. It takes more than years to decide what is really right but takes less than an instant, if it's even possible to quantify it, to make it happy.... [Lire la suite]
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Again, Again, Again

        Edita Vilkeviciute @ Viva (Paris) Goodbye heartache and good vibrations, some mornings might be terribly cold and waking up such a hard task, you feel good nonetheless. Good energy, good will that usually helps good (hard) work that can bring results. No expectation, though, just enjoying the moment and taking the opportunity of an overload of energy to turn it into something worthy. Between nichromes and models we've been following for years, jumping from one topic to the other but today that seemed... [Lire la suite]
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The Price Is High, Time Is On Your Side

      Neringa @ Supermodels (Lithuania) Don't want anything to be too much prepared, sometimes need to wait for inspiration to hit us. Not pushing too hard as writing can become hard to stand when words (and the emotions behind) are terribly lacking. But feeling like this week could be a good one or at least today a good day. Let's start it (at half past six, okay) with Neringa, from Supermodels in Lithuanian leading the pack of a dozen of recent newcomers at the agency. A 16-years-old girl that is quite communicative... [Lire la suite]
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      Melodie @ Wilhelmina (NY) and Anais @ Ford (NY) Sometimes you say too much, sometimes not enough. Same here, sometimes we write too much and sometimes words are simply lacking. Words are friends some days and enemies the next morning and all this vicious circle makes hard to find the right balance. Trying to, though and we guess it happens we work it out. Drop by drop, fighting sleepless nights and meaningless dreams with the best sides of our imagination, maybe that's where the path starts and it's up to us to... [Lire la suite]
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Might and Delusion

      Beegee @ PMST Keep it going like the rain keeps pouring outside (or is it snow? who knows), keep it running, keep it alive one way or another. Might be the motto on some mornings, might be our way to work some days. Trying to find the brightest side of everything we can, trying to find out how to add some spicy smell to every mild-tasting topic. Sometimes the magic isn't in the subject itself but in the way you look at it and talk about it. Sometimes or rather often. Or let's say it's like the differences of... [Lire la suite]
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After The Curtain Falls

      Take one of these models, Edita Vilkeviciute, who usually shines for her multiple expressions, predominantly geniune in most of her work and place her in a story where she had to bear only one face that tastes like nothing else than aristocratic neutrality. Of course, she works it out, pretty brilliantly by the way when she literally embodies this character looking obviously disconnected from everything surrounding her. Take it as a performance or as the utlimate luxury for an editorial today: booking a model who... [Lire la suite]
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This Ain't No Technological Breakdown, This Is The Road [...]

  Pauline @ Marilyn (NY) It was quite a hard task to find an editorial topic for the end of this week. Not that the materials were lacking, many things to put our eys on (then off) but was never easy to pick some visuals that go hand in hand with our current inspirations or states of mind. So, had to check and double-check, take ideas where we found them and adapt them to the current editorial pages we found interesting enough to show right now. And it's definitely the last part of the sentence that make sense. Everything (or... [Lire la suite]

Going Through a Motion

    Grace @ Factor Women (USA) A new wave of new faces? No way. Just chance that brought us some more digitals right after a full package of dutch newbies. This time, our young lady is coming from the United States and is represented by Factor Women that seemed impatient to introduce her. And that's how Grace ended up gracing FDIB today, a mix of luck and right decision at the best moment. But saying chance is one of the only ingredients would be a mistake, there was certainly something that made Grace stand out from the... [Lire la suite]
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