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Remix #2: Now or Never  Anne Sophie @ Modelwerk (Germany), Ford (NY), Fabiana @ Marilyn (NY), Elin @ Elite (NY) and Pauline @ Marilyn (NY)

The Now Girls. Sounds quite deja vu, sounds like this concept has been used over and over again. Nothing new under the sun or above the thick snow coat laying on the ground. But after all, this kind of stories counts among the regular excercises in fashion and modeling, the same way as "the best items of the season" or whatever they are called. A bunch of models, who embody the zeitgeist according to the magazine or the current creative vision of the photographer, stylist etc. Everyone has its own and it's all more or less subjective in the way they pick the young women or the agencies representing them while working on the cast. Either focusing on a certain beauty type or putting emphasis on diversity, these multi-girl stories often offer a wide range of faces and vibes going from the totally obvious choices to the unexpected indies. BlackBook's latest version of the 'models to watch' might not be the most original fashion spread of the month but we can surely enjoy a large part of it and our eyes can delight themselves with Tony Kim's photography. Casting wise, our preference clearly went to Anne Sophie Monrad, Pauline van der Cruysse and Fabiana Mayer as well as Marine Vacth who adds a slightly surprising presence to the story and rarely fails any editorial work. Add Eline Lindskog who was featured her a few days ago and you've got a pretty interesting team of models. Not going to say the others in the editorials are 'fillers' (would be both gross and unfair) but our eyes were naturally captivated by these five. And whether you're talking about the model or the viewer (or whoever else involved from near or further) the eye(s) is the most important element. Check out the whole story, styled by Christopher Campbell on BlackBook's website as well as the videos of all models involved in it, by Kirk Larsen. The visual proof that you can turn a good old concept into a fair amount of exciting pages.


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