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Leave Us Kids Alone
Trilce @ Uno (Spain)

Obstacles. Not even talking about fences as usually most of us, if we dare to say us, raise our own fences then live in a small imaginary space made by ourselves that we almost never leave. But today's topic is obstacles that naturally stands on our way(s) and we have to go through, remove or in worst cases avoid, the latter being the less interesting option since we never learn from them this way. The thing is when you see obstacles you already found out you crossed your own mental fences to extend your space to a better infinity and you wish you never reach the end even while searching for it. That's what goals are for in the end: just to breed another goal to replace the previous one and keep you going though it's always more convenient not to think of this endless process when you are trying to achieve something.

And that's exactly what already happened with this short text, just went across the first obstacle on the road which was more or less to find a suitable introduction to a regular test shooting from Barcelona, new materials of recently introduced model from Uno, Trilce. But that might be not the point that interests us right now, not the detail that makes a review important in our eyes. By the way, what is really important when you take the necessary freedom to write on the topic you really want? Absolutely nothing if you ask. So, that's a regular set of pictures destined to fit in a new model's book. Happens every week and even every day if we take it from a global point of view. The work of the photographer, Barcelona-based Mathieu Alliard, might count as a stronger reason to publish such a story but again, how many black and white short spreads do we see or get in our emails during a week? Many. So, the relevant questions about our choice would include the reasons why this one and not another but the truth is simply that relevancy doesn't really matter in our case. Not today, not at 3.30pm on this rainy Wednesday afternoon before packing and heading to a silent corner of countryside which should not be less rainy than the grey atmospher on the other side of the window with its slightly freezing wind and skinny raindrops.

The truth is inspiration is guiding our steps every day and when it happens to be away from our minds, we'd better stay away from our keyboards as well. Inspiration does rarely come in a sweet, soft or silent way. Inspiration hits you when you're not waiting for anything and not expecting to be taken by storm by a new wave of feelings. Sometimes it doesn't have anything to do with what you thought to be your previous way or goal and that makes it even more interesting to explore. A new atmosphere that feeds your imaginations and leads you to another road and out of this inner fog you suddenly find a clear corner of your mind where you can picture a part of the near future. An idea and an ideal, all you need to keep going and growing.

Leave us kids alone. Let us experiment and explore. Those might be the only words which absolutely have to remain in our heads like an echo when we work.

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