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Baby Did A Good Good Thing
Eniko Mihalik @ Marilyn (NY)

After weeks swallowing campaign after campaign with different levels of joy or boredom, after a few days sleeping in front of the screen when Haute Couture collections started to show up, finally time of covers is coming again. At last. Excitement started with Numéro Tokyo and LOVE last week or so and we could add Numéro (the original edition this time) to this list that we sincerely hope to see grow in the upcoming days. Glossy yet thought-provoking pictures are often what takes us away from feeling too cold about fashion which is unfortunately what happens from time to time when only visuals we have in front of us are made to sell or showcase. We're not even begging for a shock or a revolution, just looking for something lovely enough to feel inspired. In a light-hearted way that remains us Spring is soon or a darker dramatic version that keeps us aware of the weight of work still to be done. And Eniko's cover for Numéro, 120th issue carrying that name, is exactly halfway between the two sacred moods that put us on tracks for new experiences. Visual ones and beyond.

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