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We fade to Grey or the show must go on? That's maybe the last question we asked ourselves between Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night fever finished fast and Sunday seems still far away, only Grey Magazine keeps going places in our heads right now. Patricia's fuzzy blurred cover by Ellen Von Unwerth or Missy's black and white standout by Beau Grealy could be the highlights. Or did we spot Chadwick Tyler's touch on Karolina's one? Or was it the thrill to see a cover by Sarah Moon (starring Georgina Stojiljkovic)? And we shouldn't miss Hannelore Knuts by Yelena Yemchuk... So many covers and only a few minutes left when we will hit a bookshop selling one of our absolute favorite magazines. While i-D, Love and Tush also release multiple covers, with various kind of aesthetics and levels of visual pleasure, Grey offers a real heartbreaking choice. Meaning there that these five are really more or less of the same level making the decision harder than for any other publication. Choose or leave or buy them all. It's easy when the magazine in question is not a piece of art like Grey is, not something you want to have on your shelf and cherish everytime you take it in hands. Or is it the new secret? Having five pieces of art, one next to the other to warm up a dark wintery evening? We leave the answer to you, our beloved reader (and most likely eager Grey reader too). When it comes to soul-shaking visuals, no other magazine has done better than the thick grey book these last few years. Bubbles of champagne went away since new year's eve but visual dizziness promised to stay with us all the year.


  • georginaaa !! we really need more of her

    Posté par lorna, 09-02-11 à 06:30 PM
  • Missy cover is the best

    Posté par Lucie, 10-02-11 à 12:38 PM
  • love the first two, the smiles and the nonchalance attitudes are lovely

    Posté par sara, 10-02-11 à 09:53 PM
  • looks nice, love Kurkova's where can i find it ??

    Posté par that's it, 11-02-11 à 11:52 AM

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