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Direct Woman (Extended Version) 
Aymeline Valade @ Women Direct (NY), Women (Paris & Milan), FM (London)

Back from casting nonsenses and so-called arty fashionable videos that would make you love a full afternoon of watching all Walt Disney's classics in a row, back from seeing the ugliest covers ever that we won't name and back from having a quick look at the worst caricature of this business ever. It's like we went to hell and back and even if we haven't reached heaven yet, having the new issue of Numéro is already relieving after such short experiences that may have hurt our eyes for a while. Nothing breathtaking or revolutionary in this Numéro 121 but a couple of pictures that were able to wash away the bad visions we had earlier today. Fortunately. Already saw the preview yesterday and kinda like what the visual our eyes went through, now time to see it shine on glossy paper and smell its taste in real life (if there is anything real in this). Aymeline Valade, by Anthony Maule (styled by Samuel François) in a black and white studio story proving the concept doesn't necessary breed a boring atmosphere everytime and this despite of the overuse of such style in any kind of magazine today. Aymeline who also proved a good season can be built without the usual "blockbusters" of the fashion world, without the biggest names and turn into an editorial wonderland (after she got an editorial in Wonderland, by Robert Nethery): besides this brand new story in Numéro, she also enjoys a spot next to Arizona Muse and Jana Knauerova in latest issue of W Magazine. Let's grab some hope where we find it. (Pictures from Carla-A @

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  • love this, impressive girl !

    Posté par lana, 01-03-11 à 09:40 PM
  • wow I like her more and more everytime I see her!!!

    Posté par Yvy, 01-03-11 à 09:49 PM
  • She disturbs me, I don't know what to think about her ...

    Posté par Olga, 04-03-11 à 12:29 AM
  • The women is so sexy!!

    Posté par NFL Jerseys, 08-03-11 à 06:49 AM

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