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Caterina Ravaglia @ Elite (Milan, Paris)

Every show season has its high and low moments and to be sincere with you readers, this one was full of radical changes of mood going from total boredom to the highest hopes. The most important might be to find a balance and let the rare moment of geniune excitement become inspirations for the future. Every little detail we notice that can strengthen our vision is worth to take as good sign and every moment that could lower our faith should be skipped as fast as we can run. Besides Aymeline's taking it to the next level and both Valerija and Arizona confirming the hopes we had in them comes one of the only newcomer to ever catch our attention during Fall Winter 2011-12 shows: Caterina Ravaglia. We had an eye on the Italian girl from Elite since she joined them after securing a safe spot at the Elite Model Look competition but that's just the little story, the basic facts you can't overlook when writing a post on her. In other words: it's neither her background nor her sudden success that makes her interesting to us today, it's why a girl with such a look, such a vibe is is having such an inevitable breakthrough right now.

Take a face with obvious flaws yet able to manage looks that flirts with classic beauty. Take a brand new girl landing two editorials by Paolo Roversi, one of them being in the latest issue of Another Magazine (above pictures) where she is the only model to stand out next to Valerija Kelava. And the latter is literally a whole performance by itself. And while too many scouts/agencies of today are focusing on safe looks (read tiny nose and as much symmetry in features as one can get), a model like Caterina comes right in time to prove beauty goes far beyond so-called perfection and only grows through small flaws into a unique, unforgettable character. Of course, it's chapter one (or even prequel?) and nothing has to be taken for granted in this business, but we can only cheer up seeing a girl like her getting the attention she got: Vogue Italia, Another Magazine right before the shows then an endless flow going from Dries Van Noten to Yves Saint Laurent (with serious background built in Milan and London the weeks before).

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  • so beautiful, she looks very fresh, natural beauty, I love her

    Posté par sophie, 09-03-11 à 10:13 AM
  • wow,she is so sexy!!

    Posté par NFL Jerseys, 11-03-11 à 09:09 AM
  • On some pictures i hate her whereas I find her amazing on others, strange isn't it ?

    Posté par Olga, 13-03-11 à 12:15 AM
  • so beautiful

    so beautiful, I love her

    Posté par led gu10, 18-03-11 à 08:00 AM

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