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High Octane  Rosanne @ Bloom Management (The Netherlands)

First steps. Would have been quite a good pun for a title and would make sense. First steps into the "real" editorial world for Rosanne and first issue of Ponystep Magazine, aka the talk of the town in Paris last week. And that's a pretty nice feeling to write a few lines on Rosanne again, after introducing the "girl with the golden scar" a few months ago. Not a short update with a few test shots nor a couple of tearsheets from an obscure publication that doesn't do anything for the model's image, only fresh facts and that might be the power of her mother agency, Bloom Management in Amsterdam. One of these new boutiques, that communicate with their blog rather than with a complicated website and an overwhelming new faces board. It's clean and clear and makes no sense to shout out loud when facts and pictures can be displayed in a nice, natural way and truly give you the feeling that things are moving. And pretty much in the right direction if you remember (and we guess you didn't forget) the agency launched Daphne's career. Rosanne doesn't only make the difference for her agency's background, she also embodies a new kind of models we wish we saw more often (and actually believe we'll see more often in a near future). The young lady is no less than 20-years-old and for people like us who became quite tired of seeing dozens of teenagers landing on worldwide runways every season Rosanne brings some healthy refreshment and takes us away from the usual circus. And it doesn't stop here, instead of going the regular way, she starts with a story in the most anticipated magazine of the year with photographs that actually reveal her beauty the way it should be: she is not another girl entering the modeling area, she is a young women to watch and you should better tune your eyes fast.

We're not going to write another story about Ponystep here, it has been done several times these last few days and we don't feel like we are the most appropriate place to talk as if we knew the whole story and the people behind it but this post wouldn't make any sense without a few lines on it. First of all the high level of contributors involved in the magazine (the story above was shot by Ben Weller, styled by Phoebe Arnold, one of the "souls" of the mag, read more HERE). Then the fact you really want to read it, touch it because it's the first one in months that really intrigues you at this level and you simply want to support all the energy and creativity behind it. And last but not least, because it's impossible not to be a little admirative at least when you see the contents, the visual thrill you get flipping through the issue.

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    Interesting anxiety in her eyes

    Posté par Agata, 14-03-11 à 03:29 PM
  • Simply gorgeous.

    Posté par Olga, 14-03-11 à 10:18 PM

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